There’s a funny thing that humans often do to mark a new beginning or an end of an era: We modify our outward appearances. Maybe you’ve dyed your hair after a breakup, celebrated landing your dream job by buying a new wardrobe that looks the part, or even tattooed your body with a symbol that represents a great loss or achievement. Altering our looks is akin to hitting a reset button: Even if only for a short time, that like-new feeling freshens our outlook.

The same goes for our homes, especially after the year that shall not be named wreaked havoc on them (or made all of their imperfections glaringly obvious). With that in mind, we’ve created this special-edition Renovation Issue for anyone whose interiors need a reset now more than ever. What makes it so special, you ask? While our annual Renovation Issue typically includes a handful of stories about revamped homes, this one is filled cover to cover with renovation inspiration.

In the following stories, you’ll read about a 150-year-old mansion that was saved from squalor, peek inside the nostalgic interiors of Sherry’s Soda Shoppe in Five Points, and meet a type A couple who embraced uncertainty while revamping their home. You’ll also gain heaps of design wisdom from local style experts: Designers dish on the faux pas they frequently find in clients’ homes, and stylist Bret Alexandra notes that refreshing a space doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune.

I hope this issue is something you can reference again and again when your home starts feeling a little stale—and, better yet, helps you hit reset without resorting to a box of hair dye.