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Our Pet Obsession

Nearly 3 million Coloradans own a Fluffy, a Fido, or a Flounder. Yes, we love our pets in the Centennial State. To celebrate that affection, we present our 2008 pet guide—a look at the best pet paraphernalia Colorado has to offer.


April 2008


Web Exclusive: 2007 World Series Slideshow

As the Rockies begin their post-World Series season, baseball enthusiasts wonder if this season will see another stirring playoff run. Relive the excitement of the 2007.

Falling Into Place

After fielding a lousy product for years, Charlie and Dick Monfort found themselves at the helm of a pennant-winning baseball team last October, after the Rockies went on their improbable tear. Was it dumb luck or part of the plan?

The Most Important Political Race That No One’s Talking About. Yet.

While Colorado and the rest of the country have been focused on Obama, Clinton, and McCain, Republican Bob Schaffer and Democrat Mark Udall have been quietly laying the groundwork in their campaigns for Colorado's open U.S. Senate seat. Though their political philosophies couldn't be more different, both men are following remarkably similar strategies. Here, we trace the 10 steps Schaffer and Udall are taking in what promises to be one of the most fiercely contested races in the country.

A Home in the High Country

Whether you're a weekend cowboy, reclusive artist, fly-fishing freak, wannabe vintner, or hardcore ice climber, here are 10 mountain towns you can actually live in.

Web Exclusive: Of Canines and Convicts Slideshow

At the Territorial Correctional Facility in Cañon City, convicts learn responsibility through a dog-training program. Watch the hardened criminals deftly instruct, discipline, and care for their dogs.

Of Canines and Convicts

A one-woman army and a handful of unwanted dogs may be the best hope of rehabilitation for Colorado's ever-growing prison population.


Environment: The Sound of Silence

Karen Treviño, director of the National Park Service's Fort Collins-based Natural Sounds Program, is on a mission to restore our wild soundscapes.

The Boss

Leah Daughtry is a single African-American woman, an evangelical pastor—and she happens to be the CEO of the upcoming Democratic Convention Committee. You got a problem with that?


Local Label

Denver’s Ollie Sang brings sass and class to the national fashion scene.


In My Kitchen

When Rachel Woolcott takes a break from her busy schedule as owner and chef of Aix Restaurant and Wine Bar, she experiments with recipes and entertains friends at home.


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