2020 rank: 14

For the first time, Washington Park’s slightly more accessible cousin has topped the beloved park-cum-neighborhood in our ranking. Washington Park West has always been relatively middle-of-the-road—a solid, safe location with decent schools—so why the flip-flop? This year, the neighborhood’s Cape Cods, bungalows, and Queen Anne Victorians—located just a few blocks west of its namesake park—saw a substantial increase in home sale prices as more people flocked to green space–adjacent abodes. (We imagine houses won’t average sub-$700,000 for much longer.) Other reasons to fall in love with the area: easy access to vibrant Baker, cheery Platt Park, and I-25; two grocery stores; and a decent food and drink scene.

Demographics—Get to know your neighbors

The median age in Washington Park West is 35.15 years old. It’s a highly educated community, with around 80 percent of the adult (25 and older) population holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. Forty-six percent of neighborhood commuters report the trip takes 15 to 30 minutes. When it comes to housing, there’s a fairly even split between owner- and renter-occupied, though it skews toward ownership. Families comprise around 43 percent of neighborhood households. The average household income is $103,261.

Population 7,798
2021 average sale price $697,991
New listings in 2021 174

Neighborhood Rankings

Real Estate Rank 9
Schools Score 3
Crime Rank 27
X Factor Score 9

How we got these numbers: We utilized the city’s official list of 78 neighborhoods (only 73 had enough data to be included), and ranked them using four variables: home prices, crime dataschool rankings, and an X factor score that accounts for things like access to open space, proximity to public transportation, and restaurant and shopping options. For more on our methodology, return to the main page.

Your Itinerary

Eat & Drink

After a game of pick-up volleyball at the park, keep the healthy vibes going with fresh, seasonal fare at Vert Kitchen. Continue the theme with dinner at Bittersweet, where chef Olav Peterson’s ever-changing menu incorporates ingredients from the restaurant garden. Hey Bangkok!’s Kaw Soy curry is among the most slurp-able in town (and we adore the indoor Thai street scene mural). On game night, everyone wins with Fire on the Mountain’s wings slathered in house-made sauces.

For drinks, two locals’ favorites—dive bars Candlelight Tavern and Kentucky Inn—are just five blocks apart. For someplace a little less broken in, 1920s-inspired the Roxy serves shared plates and live music seven nights a week.

Wash Perk is a neighborhood gathering spot and coffeeshop with plenty of outdoor seating.

Break A Sweat

Weather not cooperating for your afternoon rollerblading sesh? If you’re ready for indoor workouts again, there are plenty of other ways to burn some calories in Wash Park West. Fierce45, Pearl Street Fitness, Yoga Center of Denver, and Orangetheory Fitness all have studios here.

Spots to Eat

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