When she was brought on to oversee this Cherry Hills kitchen remodel, Denver designer Petra Richards was given free rein and an orange silk kimono as inspiration. Her resulting design is a sophisticated space that draws on tangerine-hued Calligaris bar stools, orange-accented pendants from Tech Lighting, and a custom-made banquette in buttery yellow Holly Hunt leather for a fresh-squeezed look.

5280 Home: You’re known for embracing color in your designs—are there certain rooms that lend themselves to bold hues?

Petra Richards: I wouldn’t usually do a master bedroom bold because those spaces are more timeless and less playful. But functional areas like kitchens and dining rooms, and hallways too, can take some color.

For this project, the starting point was a bright silk kimono that’s hanging in the adjacent dining room—orange must be a “happy place” for your client.

You need to have a color anchor; you need to have a reason or a connection to a piece that lends itself to creating a bigger space. It’s not just, Let’s make this orange. Orange is neutral, but it’s definitely not common. It’s something to be very careful with; you need the perfect tone.

What’s your advice for people who are afraid of color?

I’d tell them to work on finding accessories that are easier to change out. Something like a piece of artwork that speaks for itself, decorative glass, rugs, vases—a little color to bring things to life.