10 Classic Western Landmarks You Should Visit Now

By Lindsey B. Koehler | May 2018

Photo courtesy of Ethan Welty/ Aurora Photos

From Colorado’s Black Canyon to Montana’s Glacier National Park, here’s our list of the Mountain West’s 10 most iconic landmarks.

A Beginner’s Guide to Hitting the Slopes​ in Colorado ​

By Victoria Carodine | December 11, 2018

Photo by Jon Resnick, courtesy of Vail Resorts

Don’t be intimidated by ​our state’s preeminent winter sports. Follow our step-by-step guide to getting started with skiing and snowboarding, and you’ll be shredding fresh pow in no time.

A Coloradan’s Guide to Surviving the End of the World

By Spencer Campbell | June 2018

Illustration by Zohar Lazar

Rather than condemn them as alarmists, we decided to ask Colorado’s prepper community to share its wisdom. By following their recipe for survival, you’re bound to be better prepared to persevere through the small-scale disasters that could interrupt daily life.

Make Your #VanLife Dreams a Reality

By Emma Murray | August 3, 2018

On the road, Van Life in action. Photo courtesy of Flickr

The lifestyle movement of, yes, living out of a van (or truckbed, hatchback, and even the occasional creatively utilized sedan)—and maybe even down by a river—is made possible by wifi, remote work, and the gig economy. These seven ​local​ companies can fully transform and prep your vehicle, whether it’s for full-time #VanLife or weekend adventures.

Theft by Taking: The Alarming Trend of Wildlife Poaching in Colorado

By Kelly Bastone | October 2018

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife official examines a dead goat. Photo by Rachel Sralla/courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Although the term “poaching” conjures scenes of far-flung lands where exotic animals such as elephants and Bengal tigers are always in demand, the practice of illegally killing or capturing wildlife isn’t just the domain of the developing world. It’s also a problem in the United States, and specifically here in Colorado.

5 Amazing Places to Stay in the Colorado Mountains

By Daliah Singer | December 4, 2018

Vail Marriott Mountain Resort
Vail Marriott Mountain Resort is debuting a new Icelantic Skis-themed junior suite this season. Photo courtesy of Vail Marriott Mountain Resort

There-and-back, single-day trips to the mountains are a luxury of the past (thank you, all the people moving here and I-70 traffic). Luckily, high-elevation hotels are responding to the changing needs of mountain visitors with awesome packages, fun amenities, and new locations. Here are five venues calling our names this winter.

Defy Gravity on One of Colorado’s Four Via Ferratas

By Terri Cook | July 30, 2018

Intrepid climbers traversing Colorado’s newest via ferrata in Cave of the Winds Mountain Park near Colorado Springs. Credit: Cave of the Winds Mountain Park

Test your limits while dangling from the side of a cliff on one of our state’s European-style climbing adventures.​ ​

Wild Thing

By Martin J. Smith | January 2018

After years of living in the city, Scottie moved to Granby with his family. Photo courtesy of Lanie Smith

A city dog confronts porcupines, coyote kills, and marmots—and the myriad other challenges of life in Colorado’s high country.

11 Off-the-Grid Summer Hut Trips

By Lindsey B. Koehler | June 2018

Jackal Hut. Photo by Seth K. Hughes.

Armed with sunscreen, plenty of water and beef jerky, and sturdy hiking boots, a team of 5280 reporters ventured out to experience some of Colorado’s best summertime hut-tripping options. Here, their experiences, advice, and tips, all of which will help you plan your own warm-weather backcountry escapade.

A First-Timer’s Guide to Ouray

By Tyra Sutak | January 18, 2018 

Ouray on a snowy night in 2016. Photo by Bryce Bradford / courtesy of the Ouray Chamber Resort Association
The “Switzerland of America” boasts incredible box canyon views, a cozy wintertime feel, and a seemingly endless list of outdoor activities. Read the rest of our first-timer’s guides to regional destinations here.

Jerilyn Forsythe
Jerilyn Forsythe
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