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9 Reasons to Love Denver in 2021

A look at the people, places, and things reminding us how the Mile High City is (still) the best place to live.

From left: Scott Tilson and Rachel Norkin of Denver Urban Skate Troop; Samantha Mack Lopez, co-founder of Team Black Diaspora Roller Derby; and Jade Harrison, co-founder of Denver Roller Skaters, show off their skills in City Park. Photo by Chayce Lanphear

It’s summertime, half the state has at least one dose of vaccine, restaurants are buzzing, and the Rockies are sub-.500—in short, things are starting to feel almost normal. As we dare to peer into a happier future, we’re taking a moment to celebrate all the ways in which Denver’s denizens have stepped up, done things right, stayed true to who we are as Coloradans, and generally made us feel proud of, well, everyone over the past year. Edited by Philip Clapham

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