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How to Live a Better Life Right Now

It’s been a hard year, but your journey to wellness shouldn’t have to wait for normalcy to return. Here’s how to feel and live better, for the rest of the pandemic and beyond.

Photograph by Sarah Banks

Here in the Centennial State, we take pride in our outdoor-centric, wellness-driven lifestyles. Surrounded by mountains, world-class doctors, dispensaries, gyms, and spas, we know how to take pretty good care of ourselves. But how does wellness factor into a life-altering pandemic—and will our usual methods be enough to see us out of it? It’s been a hard year, and our bodies and minds could desperately use some special R&R. From crystal healing and hot stone massages to coping with mental health, we dove into Colorado’s expansive world of wellness to learn how we can help our minds and bodies recover in the months ahead.

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