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The 2020 Colorado Winter Mountain Guide

The best ski runs, dining options, and more you'll find in Colorado's high country this winter.

You don’t have to be a kid to know that snow—glorious snow—is magical. The whole process of how minuscule ice crystals team up to create unique snowflakes that fall to the ground is a scientific marvel. And, once those flakes have fallen, there’s something about Colorado’s powder that is downright intoxicating. But we also love sunshine. And mountains. And our beautiful views. And just about anything that lets us appreciate all of that, which is probably why winter holds a special place in our hearts. When the temperatures drop, we gear up and hit the mountains. This year, we’ve made your preparations just a little bit easier by tracking down some of Colorado’s best ski runs, compiling the ultimate ski movies, finding must-visit restaurants in the mountains, and more.

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