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Top of the Town 2020

Nearly 50,000 votes were cast this year in our Top of the Town Readers’ Choice competition in order to discover the 77 best ways to eat, drink, and make merry in the Mile High City.

Union Station
Union Station. Courtesy of Visit Denver

Even the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm 5280 readers feel for their favorite restaurants, cultural spots, shops, spas, and recreation destinations: This year, nearly 50,000 voters cast ballots to determine our Top of the Town readers’ choice recipients, anointing winners in 78 categories across our Dining; Culture & Nightlife; Services; Shopping; and Sports, Outdoors, & Fitness sections. Although each won for a different reason, they all exhibited the ability to shine through these unprecedented times. (The coronavirus outbreak, however, did make selecting editors’ picks impossible this year. For further explanation, click here.)

For Your Information

All the details you ever wanted to know about how we selected this year’s Top of the Town honorees.

How does 5280 pick Top of the Town winners?
Our readers select their favorites by casting votes via our online ballot. (The businesses that receive the most votes win.)

Don’t your advertisers automatically win?
No. Top of the Town recognition is based only on our readers’ votes; there is zero connection between advertisers and winners. The fact that some winners happen to be advertisers, or later decide to advertise in the magazine or online, does not influence our selections. Sure, we could make some folks happy by “selling” winners, but in the end, we’d lose a lot more than we’d gain—like our integrity and credibility with you.

How can my business get on the ballot?
Our ballot is a write-in format, meaning we don’t provide multiple-choice options. Voters can suggest whatever restaurant, store, person, or service they deem worthy for every category.

I have a business that deserves an award. How can I win?
Let people know about Top of the Town voting. Encourage your customers to vote for you next year (the readers’ choice ballot opens on in February). To help you spread the word, we can make a Top of the Town tool kit available to you; it includes downloadable marketing materials and links to our site and the ballot.

How do I vote?
Visit (voting occurs online in February and March), sign in with your name and email address, and cast your ballot. It’s that simple.

Top of the Town is going digital this year! Join us for a live broadcast featuring the Top of the Town readers’ choice winners, interviews, cooking and cocktail demos, music, and more! Sign up here.

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