Decorating your home can be daunting—especially the part that involves putting nails in the walls. But it doesn’t have to be, says Katelyn Stetler, whose job (and passion) is dreaming up stylish new ways to display personal photography for the Denver-based lifestyle brand Artifact Uprising. “Fill a space with images of the people and places you love, and you’ll always be happy when you walk through the door,” she says.

Here, Stetler shares three ways to get those photos out of the cloud and into your home with ease and on-trend style—and just a few nails.

artifact uprising photo pair
This streamlined (and much easier to hang) take on the gallery wall is simple and striking. Image courtesy of Artifact Uprising.

Start Small 

Embrace the minimalist trend and start by hanging just two photos, in large frames of the same size and style, above a sofa or credenza. The photos don’t have to match exactly, but Stetler suggests finding images that have the same tonal qualities: perhaps photos that were taken in the same location, or that feature similar lighting.

artifact uprising leaning frames
Lean and layer framed photos atop a mantel or console table for a faster, easier install and a more casual look. Image courtesy of Artifact Uprising.

Skip the Gallery Wall 

Those large expanses of framed photos look great in design magazines, but Stetler says it’s a concept that intimidates many. Plus, “it’s a big commitment, especially if you are renting your home,” she says. Instead, opt for a layered, “leaning” approach, in which your framed photos rest atop a mantel or side table. “This is a more casual look, but it’s easier to mix and match, which is a popular concept right now, from clothing to interiors,” Stetler says. And while it’s fine to mix frame styles and sizes, she recommends sticking with just two or three variations.

Mix It Up

Stetler assigns frames to various positions on a wooden wall ledge, then swaps out the photos monthly or seasonally. “What excites you changes, so why not let your images change too?” she says.