Skiing is practically a birthright in Colorado. But for some, it’s a little more challenging. That’s when the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) steps in by pairing volunteer skiers and snowboarders with people with disabilities (from amputees to the blind to those with autism) to help them experience the thrill of downhill. Volunteers choose the commitment level that works for them—ranging from 10 days to three half-days—and attend training clinics to learn teaching techniques. Then they pair up and hit the hills at Winter Park. “Whether the participants are trying to ski for the first time or have been skiing with NSCD for years,” says president and CEO Becky Zimmermann, “[there is a] sense of freedom that they experience on the mountain.” NSCD also has a plethora of summer volunteer opportunities, including horseback riding and rock climbing. Exclusive: Read our Q&A with Becky Zimmerman here.