There may be no “I” in team, but there’s a whole lot of it in Salida’s year-old Captain Zipline Aerial Adventure Park. Unlike a team-building ropes course, aerial adventure parks are larger and more complex, designed to be self-guided using a smart belay system that attaches participants to fixed safety cables at all times. Tucked in the Arkansas River Valley’s Lost Canyon, the 120-element Captain Zipline includes swinging bridges, tightropes, tunnels, suspended ladders, and trapezes elevated up to 50 feet off the ground. The new features join six existing 200- to 700-foot zip lines to form an adventure mecca. “This is the place where Indiana Jones meets Spider-Man,” says owner Monty Holmes. Hundreds of aerial parks exist in Europe, where the concept originated, but Captain Zipline is Colorado’s first, and the largest in the Western United States. It’s also the only one located inside a canyon, a setting that required four months, experts from Switzerland, and a 200-foot crane to erect the park’s nine courses. “Very few people have gotten through the [toughest] double black courses,” Holmes says. We’ll take that as a challenge. Ages 8 and up. $69 for 2.5 hours;