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Investing in Experiences: The Best Gems in Denver (According to a Wealth Advisor)

Perhaps to an outsider, it seems presumptuous to say we live in the best city in the country. But ask any Denverite, and they can freestyle a dissertation on what makes us capital B best.

Sean Clancy, wealth management advisor with Prime Capital Investment Advisors, was born and raised in the mile high city and he knows a thing or two about the value of investing in rich experiences. Like many proud Denver natives, Sean has created cherished memories at a few tucked-away spots within the community. Check out the video below or read on to see if you’ve experienced some of Sean’s favorite local gems!


Spot 1 | Esters

Nestled within an unsuspecting row of businesses and development projects, Esters is a bar restaurant established in 2015 with the goal of serving awesome food alongside one of nearly two dozen craft beers (many of which are local) to families, Phish friends, sports fans, professionals, and locals of the community. Come for the food and drinks but stay for the atmosphere that feels like someone has been saving your spot for you.

This establishment holds special significance for Sean as it marks the venue where he had his first daddy-daughter dance with his then six-year-old daughter. You read that right! Check out the video to get the full story from Sean. Since that memorable evening in 2015, Sean has kept coming back to Esters with clients, friends and family thanks to its exceptional atmosphere, outstanding service, and delicious food. Featuring rotating taps, uniquely flavored wings, unique pizzas and delightful entrees, Esters is a definite must-try if you haven’t yet experienced it!

Spot 2 | Blue Bird Theater

Denver is home to one of the most recognizable concert venues in the world. But before an artist makes it to the vermilion stage at Red Rocks, you might catch them standing outside Blue Bird Theater, getting some fresh air just before kicking off their set. Originating as a neighborhood movie theater in 1914 and offering a variety of entertainment options over its many decades, the Blue Bird has since transformed into a uniquely cool concert space. At just 5 percent of the capacity of Red Rocks, it’s not unusual to shake hands and trade stories with the artists you have come to see when you visit the Blue Bird.

Sean holds a particular fondness for the venue, appreciating its slightly more mature departure from the typical concert experience. Its small, intimate setting provides an opportunity for the community to rally behind emerging bands that haven’t yet graduated to larger amphitheaters. Sean’s connection with the venue is personal, as he attended The Revivalists’ concert there in 2014 before the band’s ascent to Red Rocks, where a few years later, he witnessed their full-circle moment.

The schedule is always stacked with artists worth exploring, not to mention you can sometimes snag a ticket last minute. If live music is meant to melt your face off (figuratively of course) then the Blue Bird knows how to bring the heat!

Spot 3 | Marble Colorado

While not Denver proper, Marble, CO is the perfect spot for an off-the-beaten-path day trip. Nestled miles away from Highway 133 on County Road 3, this hidden gem had a population of just 217 people in 2020. Notably, Marble is renowned for hosting one of the world’s largest marble quarries. As such, this little town played a big part in the erection of our nation’s capital. In fact, over 500 train cars transported the marble, which was cut and polished at the mill near Marble, that was eventually used to build the Lincoln Memorial in 1922. Marble also supplied the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which was completed in 1932.

Shifting gears toward Marble’s culinary delights, if you have the chance to visit, put Slow Groovin BBQ on your itinerary. Offering their self-proclaimed “ridiculously good BBQ”, this happens to be Sean’s absolute favorite dining spot in the world!

Spot 4 | Meadow Hills Golf Course

In a serene and not overly populated setting, Meadow Hills Golf Course has been Sean’s hometown course since he could swing a club. Meadow Hills is where he would spend most afternoons with his friends after school. Ever golfed barefoot? Sean highly recommends giving it a try on a beautiful Denver day.

Over the years, Meadow Hills has been the backdrop for some of Sean’s favorite bonding moments with old friends and family. This summer marked a special milestone as Sean, accompanied by his father and son, played their first round of golf. Three generations cursing that tiny white ball on the course together. To Sean, it was a very special experience.

There you have it! Four unique gems with experiences worth investing in, according to a local wealth advisor. Add them to your list the next time you’re making plans. Or take this as your sign to revisit one of these destinations if it’s been a minute. Each one will remind you of why Denver is capital B the Best community around!

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Sean, a wealth management advisor at Prime Capital Investment Advisors, enjoys partnering with individuals, families, and business owners to craft comprehensive financial plans tailored to their specific life stages and financial goals.

Sean has a deep passion for forging meaningful connections with people and having a positive impact on their financial security. Sean enjoys collaborating with his clients to unearth their unique needs and aspirations, and then creating a plan to help get them to their destination. This enthusiasm not only defines his professional outlook but also underscores the genuine care he offers to each and every client.