One in 10 people, according to a Reuters survey conducted in May 2012, believe the world could end on December 21. For years, doomsdayers have said the date, which corresponds to the beginning of a new cycle on the Mayan calendar, marked the end of the world. Although all this doomsday talk may seem silly, at least one Denver hotel plans to use it as an excuse to party.

For $12,021, the Curtis Hotel will throw an end-of-the-world bash (aptly named Party Like There’s No To-Maya) for you and a few dozen friends. The package includes a limousine ride to the hotel, access to the entire 15th floor, two bars full of top-shelf booze, a personal tattoo artist, and apocolyptic party favors like gas masks, anti-radiation meds, and water purification tablets. If, by some slim chance, the sun does rise on December 22, the Curtis will throw in brunch for 48 people at The Corner Office and limo rides home.

—Image courtesy of The Curtis Hotel

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