As Denver continues to grow, many residents find themselves in smaller and smaller abodes, without a lawn or even so much as a window box in which to grow a few fresh veggies. The newly released WallGarden sprouted up for just these kinds of situations. Developed by Denver startup ?dn, the WallGarden is a soil-free hanging garden that lets you grow up to 14 plants—everything from basil to tomatoes—indoors. In fact, once you’ve popped the Keurig cup–like SeedPods into the WallGarden’s slots, all you really need is a smartphone. The WallGarden’s technology monitors water, turns the LED lights on and off, and updates you about potential problems through an app. ?dn, which graduated from Boulder’s TechStars startup accelerator in May, began selling WallGardens ($499) through its website in April. Buy one, and calling your basement apartment a “garden level” suite might actually make sense.