Consider Jessica Warner your personal tour guide to contemporary textiles. The Canberra, Australia, native lived in New York City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Sydney before launching an online textile store, called Twofold, from her current home base in Boulder this spring. So it’s little wonder her shop is the place to find the perfect pillow or throw with a trendy, global vibe.

Twofold’s hand-selected pieces feature modern motifs created using age-old techniques. And they have cross-cultural stories to tell—like Australia’s Better World Arts’ cushions designed by Aboriginal artists and embroidered in Kashmir. “Good design is universal; I want to bring together the best designs from far-flung parts of the world,” Warner says.

Most products are less than $200, and nothing is mass-produced. Better still, Warner has taken care of customs-inspired headaches: All products are available at U.S. shipping rates. There’s no reason not to click away your wanderlust with a little retail therapy.

Editor’s Pick

Brand: Suki Cheema
Style: Russian Doll
Price: $75