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Miniature Landscapes Family Workshop

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Big fun awaits participants at this event centered around all things tiny. Little landscapers will learn how to design and scale  for their miniature dollhouses back home. Local miniaturist Pat Vick will expand your kid’s imaginary world through  water features, prehistoric scenes, and haunted forests that they can use to vamp up their dollies’ homes.


Don’t miss the chance to take your little ones to see all of their favorite characters, from the snow queen Elsa to the bumbling Kristoff, in this Broadway-bound musical based on Disney’s smash hit film. Featuring catchy tunes such as “Love Is An Open Door” and the acclaimed “Let It Go,” this production will do…

Flight of Fancy

During this cartoon-like performance, actors use a technique known as “full mask” style to  communicate their thoughts and emotions through physical movement rather than speaking. Puppets and music are also used to tell the tale of a young girl and puffin living in a biodome who escape for a night of adventure in the outside…

Vail Kids Adventure Games

Aspiring triathletes and mini ninja warriors will be hard pressed to find a more action-packed (yet age-appropriate) race. In teams of two, young competitors will weave their way through this three-mile outdoor course on both foot and bike while tackling obstacles like cargo nets, grease walls, zip lines, and mud pits. With an emphasis on…

Acting Technique Intensive/Showcase

Is your child a budding thespian? Then get them ready for their moment in the spotlight with this intensive week long acting camp. Kids will learn reliable philosophies and techniques like Karen Tobey’s 10 Rules of Acting from acting coaches, and will even perform their own monologues as they elevate their skills to Kid’s Choice…

Honey Festival

See what the buzz around beekeeping is all about at this educational event centered around our sweetest insect friends. Children can learn how bee hives are maintained, try on a beekeepers suit, sample honey, and create honeybee-themed crafts. Make sure your  little ones don’t  forget to grab a free Honey Festival 10-year anniversary balloon before…

Marvel Universe Live

Bring your little superheroes to watch the Avengers, Spider-Man, and many more of their favorite comic book characters battle the universe’s most notorious villains. Put on by Marvel and Feld Entertainment (the company responsible for your children’s beloved Disney on Ice shows), the show’s pyrotechnics, martial arts, and aerial stunts will dazzle fans both big…

Colorado Adventures on the Plaza

Zoom into fun while exploring these Colorado-inspired adventure activities at the Denver International Airport. Children and parents alike can whiz along a zip line, scale a rock climbing wall, and feel like they’re right on the water while casting a line at the virtual fly fishing station.

Day Out With Thomas

All aboard the weekend express! Join Thomas the Tank Engine and railway controller Sir Topham Hatt for a 20-minute train ride, playtime at the Imagination Station, and a magic show as everyone’s favorite locomotive makes a return to the Centennial State. Beat the railway rush at noon and stop by the museum for a late…
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Unicorn Festival

Become part of the magic as Instagram's favorite mythical creature comes to life in this brand-new festival. Your little one can pose with or ride a unicorn (read: a pony with a rather convincing horn), stop by the mermaid lagoon staffed with finned cosplayers, and take part in all sorts of fantasy activities, from Quidditch…

Nature’s Amazing Machines

At this interactive exhibit, mechanically minded youngsters have the chance to explore the wonders of natural engineering. They’ll discover how a giraffe’s heart pumps blood up its long neck, how insects breathe without lungs, and how it feels to fly. To show how human inventors drew inspiration from nature, technological innovations such as wind turbines, chainsaws,…

Father’s Day Falcon Fest

This Father’s Day, take your pop out for an unconventional dinner and a show: At this family-friendly event, the other guests are live raptors. After marveling at a presentation about bald eagles, owls, and falcons hosted by the Audubon Society of Greater Denver and Hawkquest, chow down during an outdoor picnic. Thanks to this event, you can…
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Get Outdoors Day

Sure, you could head to the mountains for this nationwide Parks Service holiday—but does I-70 traffic in a minivan full of grumpy kids and hiking gear really sound fun to you? At this short-commute alternative, your little outdoorsmen and women can earn their NPS Junior Ranger Badge, try canoeing and rock climbing, and learn about…

Kids Camp: The Pirates!

Itty bitty buccaneers can don their finest pirate garb for this screening of an epic high-seas adventure. The story follows a charming pirate captain (voiced by Hugh Grant) who sails around the world for a chance to win the title of Captain of the Year. Kids will cheer for the feisty buccaneer as he tries to best his…

Mile High Magicians Close-Up Show

Your mini Houdini will be dazzled at this mystifying performance featuring local magicians. At the show, sleight-of-hand artist Gene Gordon and mind reader William Rader (along with four others) will dazzle youngsters in an intimate setting. Because the audience is divided into rooms of about 30 people, little magic enthusiasts will have the chance to see card and coin tricks up close. Proceeds benefit the Mile High Magicians Society,…
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Friday Family Film Series: Moana

If your home copy of Moana is already tuckered out from overuse, transport your Polynesian princess–obsessed little one to a new venue. This free screening kicks off a brand-new program at one of Cherry Creek's swankiest hotels, whose once-a-month film series promises viewings of The Lego Batman Movie and Sing by summer's end. The comfy couches and…

Mario the “Maker” Magician

Tiny magic enthusiasts who have seen this magician on Sesame Street or Sunny Side Up will love this chance to see his tricks live. The inventive performer (he makes all his own props) is famous for his old-school, slapstick-style magic shows, which include illusions as well as unconventional entertainment—a robotic monkey sidekick, for example. Described…

Boisterous Bears

Curious animal-loving preschoolers can learn all about different types of bears at this educational event. During a class taught by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo zookeeper Emily Thacker, families have the chance to visit grizzlies Emmett and Digger as well as Asiatic black bears Honey and Beezler to find out more about their habits and habitats. Once…

Splash Attack Summer Camp

Thanks to this water-themed day camp, youngsters don’t have to be in school to take part in fun science lessons. On Maggie Pond, kids can test out the model boats they build and do experiments to learn about buoyancy. Guides from the Mountain Top Children’s Museum will also show campers how to make their own watercolor…

Film on the Rocks: The Lego Movie

Even if little movie buffs saw this award-winning animated feature in theaters, they’ll still appreciate a chance to see it at this iconic Colorado park. Enjoy the tale of Emmet the construction worker, who embarks upon wild adventures alongside Batman, Unikitty, and other memorable characters. And don’t be late—young musicians from Denver’s School of Rock…

Miniature Garden Family Workshop: Journey to Japan

Budding botanists will adore this hands-on workshop about a traditional Japanese custom. On a guided tour led by Botanic Gardens staffers, they’ll learn about Bonsai trees as well as common symbols and color schemes found in Japanese gardens. Then families will create their own miniature Japanese gardens using sand, bark, rock, and pinecones.


Trapped underneath the domineering thumb of her nasty guardian Miss Hannigan, the protagonist of this well-known play is unsure if she’ll ever find a home. But when a stroke of good fortune lands the good-natured girl in the mansion of Oliver Warbucks, he offers to help her find her real parents—and the search delivers her…

Young People’s Concert

This performance conducted by Aspen Music Festival’s Scott Terrell is the perfect opportunity to introduce young ears to live orchestral music. Musicians from the Colorado Music Festival Orchestra and the Greater Boulder Youth Orchestras will play pieces that are engaging for children, including “Flight of the Bumble Bee” by composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and “Flying Theme”…

Dinos! Live at the Denver Zoo

The dinosaurs at this exhibit aren’t actually alive, but the animatronic replicas will still make Junior feel like he’s in Jurassic Park. While exploring the zoo, kids have the chance to find more than 20 life-size models—including a brachiosaurus, a stegosaurus, and a dilophosaurus—and size up the prehistoric beasts next to modern predators.

Walk in the Wild

Tiny avian enthusiasts will not want to skip this celebration of International Migratory Bird Day. Children can take guided bird walks, encounter raptors up close, and spend a day outside enjoying Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat. After spending time outside, crafty kids also have the opportunity to paint a winged friend at the arts and crafts station.
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Blue Trees Family Day

Hand your kid a brush and let her go to town on something other than your walls for once. This all-ages art project gives your mini Banksy a chance to contribute to Konstantin Dimopolous' Blue Trees public installation, for which he turned downtown Denver's trees blue to call attention to the problem of deforestation. After painting one of 200…
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What Makes A Mother?

If you waited too long to snag brunch reservations on Sunday, redeem yourself by bringing Mom to this out-of-the-box Mother's Day activity. Ross-Cherry Creek librarians partnered with Stories Not Forgotten, a local group dedicated to preserving family stories through video, to create this film about Colorado mothers and their kids. Members of 18 families (including Cherry Creek…

Cult Following: Rated G

Get all the laughs of a witty improvisation comedy show without having to worry about it staying kid-friendly. At this all-ages show, audience members will help quick-thinking DPAC improv performers come up with a spontaneous yet humorous fairy tale.

Wolfpack Kid’s Ninja Classes

Is your son or daughter the next Ninja Warrior? During this weekend-long event, young athletes will learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle and gain competition skills that will help them tackle life’s challenges. They’ll also get their adrenaline pumping by training on authentic Ninja obstacle courses and picking up a few nutrition tips from…

Bye Bye Birdie Day Camp

Experience the world of theater up close with this unique backstage pass to a timeless musical classic. This exciting camp gives your child the chance to learn the ins and outs of staging a broadway musical during the production of the show as they  tour the set, meet cast members, and take a dance class…