Three Coloradans recently gave “grub to go” a whole new meaning. In March 2013, Ethan Welty, Jeff Wanner, and Caleb Phillips debuted, an urban foraging website that tracks hot spots for edible bounty on public property.To enable hunting on the go, the trio crowd-sourced $15,000 in May to create the Falling Fruit app. Since its release, the open-source digital map has expanded to all seven continents (yes, even Antarctica, for which there is one entry) with a database of more than 612,000 harvest sites and 758 different comestibles. If you’re craving a juicy plum in Denver, for example, head to the south side of Cheesman Park at Eighth Avenue and Franklin Street. In Boulder, where Falling Fruit was launched, you’ll find pears on a tree by the sidewalk on Ninth and Marine streets. So no matter where you are, a snack is just a swipe and a pick away.