Winter cycling’s two evils—frozen extremities and the dreaded in-house trainer—may seem unavoidable.
Not anymore. Cycling buffs now have a third option: Ditch the standard spinning class for Edgewater’s
Epic Ryde. Instead of the static feel of traditional indoor bikes, the cycling studio’s RealRyder bikes tilt side to side, allowing unrestricted movement and a full-body experience similar to a real outdoor ride. “You can mimic your summer turns in the dead of winter,” co-owner Lori Melchior says. “You may not have time for all the things that go with a long ride in the winter. This place allows you to get in your rides and do it with friends.” Whether you’re training for a spring triathlon or just trying to maintain your biking mojo, the year-old studio offers performance-, climbing-, and journey-based classes that allow riders to match their cycling style and ability level. Bonus: The tiered setup offers views of Sloan’s Lake and downtown Denver—instead of someone else’s Spandex shorts.