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Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan

Articles By Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan

The Newest Colorado Adventure Spot Isn’t Sure It Wants You to Visit

The West End region of Colorado is eager to replace coal with tourism, as long as visitors can behave themselves.

The Coup That Turned a Tiny Colorado Utility Company Into a Clean Energy Pioneer

Environmental activists took over Holy Cross Energy with a mission to make the western Colorado co-op a leader in cutting-edge energy generation.

The Best of the Colorado Trail

Your ultimate guide to the greatest distance-hiking route in the country.

Colorado Trail: Denver to Mt. Massive

Segments 1 to 10 of the 486-mile CT gain elevation gradually, giving hikers time to acclimate.

Colorado Trail: Stony Pass to Durango

Segments 24 to 28 deliver rushing creeks, spectacular views, and wildflowers aplenty.

Colorado Trail: Marshall Pass to Stony Pass

Hikers will encounter the CT’s high point as well as the San Juans between segments 16 and 23.

Colorado Trail: The Collegiate Peaks

The Collegiate Loop and plenty of high peaks are highlights of segments 11 through 15.

How to Electrify Your Home, Lessen Your Carbon Footprint & Save Money

Our guide to beneficial electrification will help you make your home much more eco-friendly.

Mark Your Calendar: 39 Things You Must Do in Colorado in 2023

From winter’s legendary skiing to fall’s epic hiking, there’s no downtime in a Centennial State year.

Kween Werk Tackles Injustice on TikTok—And IRL

Social media diva Parker McMullen Bushman, aka Kween Werk, spreads messages of social justice using her popular TikTok personality.

These Voracious Goats Might Be the Next Best Tool for Battling Colorado Megafires

They’ve got 6,000 legs, 3,000 horns, and an appetite for fire mitigation.

Governor Polis Has Said He Wants to Battle Climate Change. Colorado Environmentalists Don’t Believe Him

Eco-activists might be frustrated with the governor, but could anyone do a better job?

COVID-19 Created the Hottest Real Estate Market Denver Has Ever Seen

We spoke to buyers, sellers, and real estate experts about how the pandemic set fire to an already-smoldering market.

Savannah Roberts

The Best of the Mountain West

Celebrating 26 captivating people, beautiful places, and irresistible things endemic to our special slice of America in 2020.

8 Ways To Ease Overcrowding at Our National Parks

Rocky Mountain National Park has been overrun with visitors for years. Throw social distancing measures into the mix and thinning the herd becomes even more complicated—and necessary.

Can a Film With an All-Female Cast Be the Next Big Climbing Movie?

The Never Not Collective set out to make a movie about women climbers—not to navigate gender politics. But as the trio of Western producers has discovered with its new film, Pretty Strong, you can’t do one without the other.

The Insider’s Guide to Fort Collins

From destination-worthy dining to superb outdoor adventures to sexy nights out on the town, consider this your locals-approved plan for a perfect visit to Denver’s favorite northern neighbor.

Should Coloradans Be Worried About Tick-Borne Illnesses?

Four truths you should know about dealing with the little buggers.

What I Wish I’d Known About the “Fourth Trimester”

I expected childbirth to change my body. What I didn’t expect was how long it would take, and how hard it would be, to get back to normal.

Heavens Peak Glacier National Park

Backpacking (Sort of) in Glacier National Park

Sleeping at the historic Granite Park Chalet means you still have to hike in—but you don’t have to pack a tent.

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