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Articles By Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan: Page 2

Colorado’s Six Most Action-Packed Mountain Ranges

If you’re looking for outrageous adventure, these mountain systems deliver the goods.


How to Spend a Weekend in Missoula

Discovering Missoula’s magic formula for a weekend of summer fun.

Heavens Peak Glacier National Park

Backpacking (Sort Of) In Glacier National Park

Sleeping at the historic Granite Park Chalet means you still have to hike in—but you don’t have to pack a tent.


How To Spend A Weekend In Missoula

Discover the magic formula for summer fun in Big Sky Country. 

After Shock

Colorado and Wyoming rank at the top of the list for lightning-strike fatalities in the United States. It’s scary stuff. But dying from a bolt of electricity may not be nearly as frightening as surviving one.

Head Case

How I finally broke through a thick skull—to make sure it remains in one piece.

All in the Family

Twelve housemates, one house: co-op living at its finest.

The Sound of Silence

In Season

Break bread with your local farmer and you’ll come away with a greater appreciation for Colorado’s food sources.

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