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Assistant Editor

Fiona Murphy

Assistant Editor

Fiona Murphy is a Colorado native, francophile, and movie-lover. After growing up in Parker, Fiona moved to Columbia, Missouri where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism from the University of Missouri School of Journalism in 2020. She has since worked in France and Belgium reporting on topics such as Brexit, antitrust, and technology in the European Union. Before joining 5280, she worked as a production apprentice for the Telluride Film Festival in Telluride, Colorado. Fiona spends her time watching long-winded foreign films and collecting bruises from her skateboard. Otherwise, she can be found writing poetry and searching for new coffee shops to loiter in around Denver.

Inside the Denver Zoo’s Effort to Save Colorado’s Rare Boreal Toad

The Denver Zoo has partnered with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to replenish an ailing population of boreal toads in the state by breeding adult toads then releasing their tadpoles into the wild. Over several months, 5280 followed along to document the zoo’s journey to conserve the Centennial State’s only high-elevation amphibian.

Pete's Kitchen by Fiona Murphy

Behind the Late-Night Shift at Denver’s Last 24-Hour Diner

After Breakfast King closed in January, Pete’s Kitchen emerged as one of the last family-owned spots to get late-night grub in the Mile High City. Here’s how the graveyard shift became—and remains—a beloved community gathering place.

Why You Should Consider Carrying Narcan

Amid an unprecedented rise in opioid-related deaths, Denver recently launched a program to provide residents with free Narcan and fentanyl testing strips.

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