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5280’s Essential Guide To Colorado National Monument

The oft-overlooked sanctuary delivers isolation, desert mystique, and some of the West’s prettiest scenery. Here’s your playbook for exploring the Centennial State gem.

Lacuna Juice and Yoga cofounder Megan Whiteside

Shaped By COVID-19: A Restorative At-Home Session with Lacuna Yoga

Wake up your mind and your body with this 30-minute yoga session led by Lacuna Juice and Yoga cofounder Megan Whiteside.

Melissa Levy, co-owner of The Rebel Workout

Shaped By COVID-19: The Rebel Workout’s At-Home Session

This upper body burner led by the Rebel Workout co-owner Melissa Levy will test your shoulders and back with a little cardio sprinkled in just for fun.

Pre-COVID-19 sessions at StretchLab

Shaped By COVID-19: Recovery Day Brought To You By StretchLab

Give your body a break with this 25-minute full-body stretching session from StretchLab Cherry Creek and Cherry Hills owner Dina Silverman.

The Fitness In The City crew before COVID-19

Shaped By COVID-19: Fitness In The City’s At-Home Workout

Challenge your legs and your lungs with this high intensity interval training session from Fitness In The City.

United Airlines planes parked at DIA

In the Era of COVID-19, the Skies Can Be a Lonely Place to Work

United Airlines flight attendant Nicholas Engen takes us inside America’s eerily empty airports and airplanes.

How a Denver Street Connected a Community During the Pandemic

The West 46th Avenue Parkway was built to foster fellowship. It’s once again living up to its promise.

Pre-COVID-19 at Shred415

Shaped By COVID-19: Shred415’s At-Home Workout

Get your butt (and your gut) in gear with this quick, high-intensity workout from Jane Fletcher, owner of Shred415’s University Hills location.

Felix Ojeda leads a Palango! Fitness class.

Shaped By COVID-19: Palango! Fitness’ At-Home Workout

Palango! Fitness founder Felix Ojeda introduces you—and your endurance—to a dance- and MMA-inspired cardio routine.

Ohana Yoga + Barre founder Alyssa Manny

Shaped By COVID-19: Ohana Yoga + Barre’s At-Home Workout

Founder Alyssa Manny leads a short leg- and core-strengthening barre class that requires nothing more than a chair or a counter and some floor space.

Denver’s Planning Director Wants to Bring Beauty Into the Street

Laura Aldrete steps in as executive director of Denver’s Community Planning and Development Department in a time of unprecedented growth—and frustration. With a background in cultural anthropology and urban planning, the north Denver resident brings a global perspective to city-building—but will that be enough to ensure the kind of equity Denver seeks?

Compass Fitness co-founder Heather Harrington leads a class before coronavirus.

Shaped By COVID-19: Compass Fitness’ At-Home Workout

Co-founder Heather Harrington details a leg- and lung-burner that can be adjusted for all fitness levels.

Shamrock art

A Family-Friendly, Coronavirus-Appropriate St. Patrick’s Day Activity

If your kids are already going stir-crazy, consider organizing a neighborhood shamrock search that lets you get outside and celebrate safely.

Inside Congressman Jason Crow’s Intense First Year

Although Democratic Representative Jason Crow may not have the same star power as some other freshman Dems, he was quietly at the heart of some of 2019’s most historic moments. We joined the former Army Ranger along the Front Range and in Washington, D.C., to provide an intimate look at the congressman’s first 365 days.

One Editor’s Obsession With Berkeley Park Sushi Co.

This cozy, newish northwest Denver restaurant is the kind of place where regulars are the norm.

21 Years After His Death, Matthew Shepard’s Foundation Is Still Working to End Hate

We speak with the Denver-based Matthew Shepard Foundation’s executive director, Jason Marsden, about what’s changed—and what hasn’t—in the past two decades.

How to Take Action Against Hate

What you can do if hate finds you—or your community—in Colorado.

How to Recognize—and Engage With—an Extremist in the Making

A new University of Denver program aims to help potential perpetrators of hate crimes escape extremism.

How a Single Slight or Stereotype Can Lead to More Serious Bias Behavior

These Colorado examples illustrate the many ways bias bleeds into behavior.

Anatomy of a Colorado Hate Crime

We deconstruct how to successfully prosecute a bias-motivated crime in Denver.

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