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Megan Feldman

Research Incubation

Education, invention, and business come together under one medical roof. 

The Big Debut

Saint Joseph Hospital unveils its new, well-equipped building near downtown Denver. 

In Memoriam: Nicole Davis

On Sunday, Nicole Davis, a mother, activist, and an inspiring person passed away. Writer Megan Feldman, who profiled Davis and her fight with breast cancer in “What Happened to Abbey’s Mom” (August 2011) shares her remembrances of this remarkable woman.

Grand Slam

A local tennis academy aims to improve our state’s lagging game.

The Messengers

How one local family channeled their pain from the Columbine tragedy into a nationwide force for good.

Works of Art

Denver painter Madeleine O’Connell turns her vivid canvases into gorgeous fabric.

Egg Timer

A quickly evolving process to flash-freeze female eggs—thus preserving fertility—is changing the way women think about having families.

Go Big

Think you’re limited by space? Think again. Landscape designer Alissa Shanley shows us how she made her tiny Platt Park yard into an inviting outdoor retreat.

Kitchen Confidential

 Incorporating trend-forward yet timeless design, the Kitchen Denver’s interiors are a feast for the senses.

Parks and Recreation

Denver’s newest green space showcases the future of urban development. 

What Happened to Abbey’s Mom

She was 25 years old and pregnant with her first child—the picture of health, happiness, and the potential of life. But Nicole Davis had no idea that she’d developed a relentless form of cancer that was, in a cruel twist, aggravated by her pregnancy.

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