The new Saint Joseph Hospital—which opened last month on 30 acres near downtown Denver—offers an innovative approach to everything from maternal health and senior care to cardiology and emergency medicine, as well as plenty of local art and eco-friendly design. “Our new hospital continues a tradition of care that began when the first four health workers from the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth were invited to come to Colorado in 1873,” says Bain Farris, CEO and president of St. Joe’s. “We are proud to stay in the heart of Denver, where medical staff and associates deliver 21st-century care in a building that will continue to serve our community for the next 100 years.” Here, we unveil the new digs.

30// Private neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) rooms, designed to decrease the noise that’s common in larger, open NICUs, which can have adverse effects on preterm newborns’ fragile systems.

65// Percentage of the new building’s construction materials that are recycled and/or were diverted from landfills.

13// Beds in the ER for seniors. Because our country is about to have the highest number of people over 90 in its history, elder care is a growing initiative nationwide. Bright lights and noise can be disorienting to those with dementia, so this “ER within the ER” has an intake space with lower lighting and is manned by clinical geriatric experts.

32// Projected percentage decrease in the hospital’s monthly electricity usage, thanks to efficiency innovations such as light-reflective, heat-retaining windows and better insulation.

14// Labor and delivery rooms with their own whirlpool tubs, which can reduce pain during labor. The hospital delivers more than 4,000 babies each year. The entire fourth floor is dedicated to labor and delivery, including private elevators for women who arrive in labor, as well as delivery, operating, and postpartum suites.

100// New works of art decorating the hospital’s property, including more than 50 by Colorado artists.