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Senior Associate Editor

Nicholas Hunt

Senior Associate Editor

Nicholas Hunt grew up in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, where he learned to mountain bike, kayak, fly fish, hike, and surprisingly, ski. It’s also where he learned to write, a skill that’s taken him across the country as an award-winning journalist and editor. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a BS in Communications, he’s slowly marched west with stints at multiple magazines including WashingtonianArkansas Life, and Outside. With a few years in every time zone in the Lower 48 under his belt, he feels safe in declaring that Mountain Time is God’s time.

Articles By Nicholas Hunt

How Denver Anglers Got Hooked on Carp

This month, the city hosts the 15th annual Carp Slam fly fishing tournament, and its success highlights how local anglers have put one of America’s most scorned gamefish on the national map.

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