Come for the fresh produce, stay for the homemade trinkets. Below, four of our favorite Colorado farmers’ market vendors selling art, soap, clothing, and more.

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1. Elk Field Home Goods

Locally sourced beeswax shines at this organic home and body care stall. You can’t go wrong with the lip balms and body butters, but University Hills and Evergreen market manager Robin Singer-Starbuck loves Elk Field’s clean candles, which don’t release the chemicals typically associated with synthetic fragrances and dyes when they burn.

2. Various Fashion Vendors

It’s fitting that Denver’s most chichi neighborhood will have at least three merchants hawking the latest fits. Each has its niche: Seventy West, for example, focuses on cozy, casual mountain-chic clothing; Evey K Fashionliner slings wardrobe essentials like stylish sandals and pullovers; and Landmine Design sells reasonably priced jewelry and textiles made by Cambodian crafters.

3. EJ’s Farm-Crafted

While EJ’s Farm-Crafted soaps aren’t produce, they definitely live up to the brand’s moniker: At least one ingredient in all the naturally colored and scented bars—which sport names such as Lavender Mountain, Lemon Burst, and Face Thyme—is grown on owner Emily Scherer’s urban farm in Denver. And because each soap is a little piece of art with designs ranging from sunsets to abstract, terracotta-inspired mosaics, they’re almost too pretty to use. Almost.

4. Left Hand Wool Company

Not only does Left Hand Wool Company raise its wool sheep locally in Niwot, but it also processes the fleeces at mills around the Rockies. Some of the resulting yarn is kept dye-free to highlight the animals’ original colors, but it’s the kaleidoscope of naturally dyed lime, aquamarine, and fuchsia fibers that will make you reach for your knitting needles.

This article was originally published in 5280 May 2024.
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