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Sarah L. Stewart

Articles By Sarah L. Stewart

Spatial Awareness

A look at the design mind behind some of Denver’s most popular restaurants. 

Crafted Clutter

Three DIY projects to transform your garage junk to one-of-a-kind artworks worth keeping.

A New Lease On Denver

Dozens of new apartment buildings are rapidly changing the face of downtown. But will the rental bubble burst?

Local Joe

On Valentine’s Day, the California-born Trader Joe’s will debut in Denver.

Energy Barometer

Colorado-made sports drinks and snacks are superpopular. But are they right for you?


The Next Frontier

More than 500 acres of glades, chutes, and bowls await at Breckenridge Ski Resort’s soon-to-open Peak 6.

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In The Cross Hairs

Fewer and fewer Coloradans are hunting—which is actually bad for wildlife.

Green Thumb Envy

How I learned to stop competing with a gardening know-it-all.

Necessary Stores

Mothers’ Milk Bank helps the region’s most vulnerable infants get a stronger start. 

A Sunny Forecast

Boulder scientists predict how the sun’s whims will affect Earth’s technologies.

Solid Prospects

With gold prices near all-time highs, Colorado’s mining industry is experiencing a renaissance.

Training Mecca

Elite triathletes from around the world flock to Boulder for more than the elevation advantage.

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Snow for Sale

Breckenridge’s record-breaking 519 inches of powder last season occurred the same year the resort first used cloud seeding to boost snowfall. Coincidence? Probably. But there’s still big money in messing with Mother Nature.

Spot O’ Gold

After decades of destruction by elk, the aspen tree is staging a comeback.

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