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Spencer Campbell

Features Editor

Spencer Campbell writes features and edits service packages. A proud Texan (proud of the state, not its crazy), Spencer covered NASCAR for the Bristol (Virginia) Herald Courier, beach life for Gulfshore Life magazine, and commerce for Business North Carolina magazine. Based on that background, he has no real clue why 5280 agreed to employ him, though he’s certainly glad they did. Spencer, a Texas A&M University alumnus and almost graduate of the Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas (he’s one class shy!), has won too many honors to mention here. When not collecting journalism awards, Spencer enjoys golf, Netflix (his free HBO trial ran out), and filling awkward silences with idle chit-chat.

Author Kate Manning Mines Colorado’s Past in Gilded Mountain

The New York writer’s latest novel explores labor and love in early 20th century Colorado mining towns.

Darius Nabors will compete at the USA Mullet Championships

Meet Colorado’s Most Majestic Mullet

And the mullet’s host, Darius P. Nabors, who’s vying to win the USA Mullet Championships on Tuesday.

A Denver Orchestra Makes Music Just for Kids

Inside the Orchestra debuts its first-ever original score this month.

Is Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch a Conservative—or a Wild Card?

Nearly five years into his tenure on the U.S. Supreme Court, Colorado’s Neil Gorsuch has established himself as a modern textualist in the mode of Antonin Scalia. He’s also become something of a conservative wild card. Will that unpredictability extend to gay rights?

Hott Mess claps during an air guitar performance

Meet Rachel Sinclair, the National Air Guitar Champion From Arvada

Performing as “Hott Mess,” Sinclair won the U.S. Air Guitar Championship in Portland, Oregon, earning a spot in August’s world championship in Finland.

Jada Suzanne Dixon sits in an empty theater row

Curious Theatre Company Has a New Leader

Jada Suzanne Dixon assumes artistic control of Curious Theatre Company.

Inside David Byrne’s Mind

Talking Heads frontman David Byrne partners with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts to open Theater of the Mind.

How to Join Denver’s Growing Bike Community

Denver’s new e-bike rebate program has created a slew of new cyclists. Here’s what they need to know before hitting the bike lanes.

CU athletic director Rick George walks on the field amid Buffs football players

Is the Pac-12 Conference Really Dead?

We address conference realignment rumors; name, image, and likeness rules; and the Pac-12’s new TV deal with University of Colorado Boulder athletic director Rick George.

What the Colorado Rockies Should Have Done at the Trading Deadline

If the Rockies would have gambled—literally—we all could have won big.

The Denver Family That’s Honoring Its Heritage—While Growing Its Businesses

The husband, wife, and daughter behind Lakota Body Care and Corn Maiden Designs make authentic Native goods for everyone.

Top of the Town 2022

5280‘s updated list of the best places to eat, drink, play, and shop on the Front Range.

What Does Your Denver Area Code Say About You?

Not a lot—unless it’s 303.

The Best Colorado Tribute Bands to See This Summer

Don’t want to splurge on big-ticket shows? We’ve mapped out where to catch the Colorado performers covering the greats for every kind of music fan.

Curious Theatre Company’s Founders Set to Leave After 25th Anniversary Season

Chip Walton and Dee Covington will hand the reins of Curious Theatre over to longtime company member Jada Suzanne Dixon.

4 Jewish Immigrants Who Helped Build Colorado

A new documentary recounts individual tales about Jewish contributions to the Centennial State.

Think Frontier Airlines Can’t Get Any Worse? Think Again

In light of the possible merger of Frontier and Spirit Airlines, we’ve come up with cost-cutting measures that would make Frontier even more miserable.

Inside Washington Park’s Secret Garden

How Lisa Negri’s Summerhome pocket park inspired her Washington Park neighborhood.

5 Key Moments in Latino History in Denver

Denver’s first cultural impact study takes a deep dive into the local Latino community.

Glenwood Canyon

Glenwood Canyon Finally Looks Like Its Old Self Again

But looks can be deceiving.

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