In every golfer’s mind, the only thing standing between them and going pro is a new driver. Or maybe it’s a more comfortable shirt. Actually, now that you mention it, it could be their workout routine….

Whatever is preventing the golfer in your life from attaining their PGA dreams, Colorado makers, teachers, and courses can help you give the gift of a sweeter swing this season. Here’s what we’re leaving under the tree for our Rory McIlroy wannabes.

Pins & Aces Player Preferred Waffle Knit Pullover

Photo courtesy of Pins and Aces

This Arvada-based brand is known for its wild headcovers and vibrant shirt designs, but one piece of its 2023 fall collection embraces restraint without succumbing to stodginess. The Player Preferred Pullover ($90) marries golfers’ favorite bit of flair, the quarter zip, with the comfort and flex of a lightweight waffle-knit blend. The result is a versatile layer piece that looks as good in the office as it does on the putting green. Available online

Golf Course Prints

Photo courtesy of Golf Course Prints

The country club aesthetic isn’t a popular interior design choice for a reason. Golf courses themselves, however, are a work of art. These elegant wall hangings from Golf Course Prints (starting at $27 for an eight-by-10-inch print), render course layouts in an attractive Art Deco style on white backgrounds. You’ll find 93 different Colorado courses, from the nationally famous (Cherry Hills Country Club) to local favorites (City Park Golf Course), on the company’s website. Don’t see your fanatic’s favorite fairway online? You can request a custom map of any course in the world. Available online

Legacy Goods Custom Putters

Photo courtesy of Legacy Goods

Originally founded to make furniture, this Highlands Ranch machine shop switched to golf clubs and accessories because the owner loves the game. We’re glad he did. Legacy’s custom putters (prices start at $600) are individual masterpieces, some featuring vibrant hues, others intricate etching, all of them reflecting the characters of their owners. (Check out Legacy’s Instagram page to get an idea of the possibilities.) The clubs take a few months to be created, so plan for the holidays accordingly. Available online

Sassy Caddy Adelaide Cart Bag

Photo courtesy of Sassy Caddy

A former teaching professional, Emily Haythorn found that her students were often disappointed by the boring designs on most cart bags. So, she launched Denver-based Sassy Caddy a decade ago to inject more vibrancy into the game. The Adelaide ($369), for example, is a mash-up of daisies, honeycomb, and stripes. But form is nothing without function: Made of stain-resistant and waterproof fabric and leather, the bag weighs only 7.5 pounds. Available online

Edel Golf SMS Irons

Photo courtesy of Edel Golf

Although it’s not one of golf’s most recognizable clubmakers, Denver-based Edel is at the forefront of one of the game’s most promising technologies. The new-in-2022 SMS irons (starting at $1,000 for five clubs, 6-iron through pitching wedge) allow players to move built-in weights around on the head of the club, optimizing a golfer’s swing path, resulting in straighter, longer, and more consistent contact, according to the company. Available online and in various retailers

Moonshine Golf & Country Tee

Photo courtesy of Moonshine Golf

In the past, “country” only featured in golf before the word “club.” Denver-based Moonshine Golf, however, delights in combining the rugged culture of the outdoors with the more genteel lifestyle of the world’s most beautiful game (sorry, soccer). That’s most apparent in the brand’s camo-lined polo shirts. Even more fun, though, are its printed T-shirts ($28), which let everyone know that you’re a golfer, but not that kind of golfer. Available online and at various courses

Broadmoor Colorado Appreciation Package

Photo courtesy of Broadmoor

Colorado Springs’ Broadmoor is home to two of the most immaculate courses in Colorado. They’re also two of the most expensive to play. But in January and February, the resort shows love to locals by offering Coloradans hotel rates starting at $249 in January, $269 in February, and $299 on the weekends, and those prices include complimentary green fees. As in: free golf! Sure, those months are better known in Colorado for skiing and snowboarding, but if your linksman is willing to wear an extra quarter zip or two, you can give them the gift of a memorable stay at Broadmoor.

Trent Wearner Golf Lessons

Photo courtesy of Trent Wearner Golf

New clubs and clothes are nice, but the only surefire way to improve your game is through lessons. Fortunately, Colorado is home to an impressive roster of talented coaches, including Trent Wearner, named one of Golf magazine’s top 100 teachers in America. Wearner’s academy has six locations in the metro region, offering a range of packages and prices, depending on which instructor you pick.

GolfForever Swing Trainer

Photo courtesy of GolfForever

Chances are you’ll never hit the ball like Scottie Scheffler, a former Masters Tournament winner who recorded one of the best ball-striking campaigns in history last year on the PGA Tour. But you can train like him. Snowmass-based GolfForever has created specific workout equipment ($200) that, when paired with its fitness training app, targets the muscles you need to improve flexibility and performance. Available online

Epoch Eyewear Victor Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Epoch Eyewear

You can shell out hundreds of dollars on shades for the course, or you can spend $30 for these sunnies, which are lightweight, offer UV protection, and are shatterproof (just in case the group behind you forgets to yell, “Fore!”). What the Victor doesn’t have? Polarization. That might sound like a bad thing, but polarized lenses make it difficult to read greens because they limit the amount of sun you can see reflecting off undulations, thereby reducing depth perception. In short: You can’t spell “victory” without “Victor.” Available online and in various retailers