What does a comedian do after telling a joke that bombs? He shrugs it off—and tells the next one. That ability to continue performing after the unexpected happens is the guiding principle behind comedic improvisation. It can also be a major plus in business. At least, that’s the premise behind Applied Improv, a class offered by the owners of the Bovine Metropolis Theater.

The concept is straightforward: The basics of successful improv—timing, presentation, leadership, creativity, and humor—are the same skills needed to be effective in the boardroom. Twice a week for three months, up to 10 participants attend three-hour classes that teach these skills through games and simulations.

Graduates leave with a certificate in Business Improvisation and Improvisational Leadership—and a sharpened set of communication skills to take back to their co-workers. And, the thinking goes, if their revamped executive styles get a few chuckles along the way, all the better.
Sign up: Visit appliedimprovinstitution.com to register for the next round of workshops ($720 per module).