Capitol Hill boasts slightly lower home prices and a grittier vibe than its similarly named neighbor, North Capitol Hill, just across Colfax Avenue. Between workers (and tourists) going in and out of the Colorado State Capitol and locals (and tourists) frequenting the ’hood’s restaurants, bars, and museums, there’s always something happening in Capitol Hill. (It also means parking is a pain, so trade your four wheels for two feet or your cruiser bike.) The streets blend old and new in both their combination of historic and trendy amenities and their mix of timeworn walk-ups, historic mansions, and newer condos.

Population 15,853
2023 Median Sale Price $376,679

Neighborhood Rankings

Real Estate Rank 71
Schools Score 2.8
Crime Rank 65
X Factor Score 8.5

How we got these numbers: We utilized the city’s official list of 78 neighborhoods (only 73 had enough data to be included), and ranked them using four variables: home prices, crime dataschool rankings, and an X factor score that accounts for things like access to open space, proximity to public transportation, and restaurant and shopping options. For more on our methodology, return to the main page.

Your Itinerary

Eat & Drink

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s easy to find in Cap Hill. Fuel up to make it through your to-do list at Jelly, Sassafrass American Eatery, the Corner Beet, or Broadway Market. For a coffee to-go, swing by Pablo’s Coffee or Drip Denver. (Tip: Hudson Hill is a coffeeshop that transforms into an impressive bar as the sun lowers.) 

Casual eateries abound, too, from dozens of sandwich combos at Sub Culture to bar bites at Stoney’s Bar & Grill to New York slices at Benny Blancos. For a more elegant, sit-down meal, Potager and Bones never disappoint.

Late-night, join the crowds singing their hearts out at Armida’s Mexican Restaurant & Lounge, where the karaoke starts at 4 p.m. Every. Single. Day. 


There’s no one shopping destination in Capitol Hill; rather, worthy pit-stops are peppered throughout the neighborhood. Wax Trax Records is a treasure trove of vinyl and CDs. Queen City General Store is a marvelous hodgepodge of clothing, accessories, home goods, and more. Argonaut Wine & Liquor sells pretty much any booze you desire. And Buffalo Exchange is a favorite of frugal fashionistas.

Step Back In Time

One of Capitol Hill’s most famous residents was Margaret “Molly” Brown (yes, Titanic survivor Molly Brown). Learn about her life, and Denver’s storied past, from inside her onetime home, now the Molly Brown House Museum. More history is waiting to be uncovered one-half mile away at the History Colorado Center, a research center and museum that’s known for its interactive exhibits.

Spots to Eat

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