Denver is about to be introduced to eiskaffee, and we may never be the same. High Point Creamery owners Erika Thomas and Chad Stutz are bringing the German-inspired coffee floats to their upcoming shop, also called Eiskaffee, located inside the lobby of the 11th Avenue Hostel. Besides the namesake cold-brew coffee capped with High Point vanilla ice cream, grated chocolate, and lots and lots of whipped cream, Eiskaffee will also serve drinks from a full coffee bar, as well as house-baked pastries, grab-and-go sandwiches from Choice Market, and brand-new, never-before-tasted High Point ice cream flavors.

“Yes, it’s [eiskaffee] a thing, and it’s super popular,” Thomas says. “Chad discovered it years ago. He’s German, and his whole family went on a trip to the motherland. He had an eiskaffee in Munich, and when we were talking about doing a new concept with coffee, he said ‘Let’s do eiskaffee.’”

And do it they are. While the eiskaffees are bound to be the draw (and an Instagram favorite), the shop will have all sorts of European-themed offerings, including the new ice creams. Thomas is very excited for flavors like Belgian chocolate, a classic apple sorbet, scotch pudding, honey and bergamot orange, and Bavarian cream, which Thomas swears tastes like the inside of an éclair. The pastries will also have some of that European flair, and the High Point team will be making them all in-house. Besides muffins and scones, they’ll be baking up puddingbrezels, which are pretty much pretzel-Danish hybrids with pudding inside them. (And, we imagine, our new favorite food of 2021.)

Thomas and Stutz are still in the delicious process of taste-testing through local coffee brands for the coffee bar component, but they know one thing for sure: There will be waffleshots. The little chocolate-lined cake cones are filled with espresso, resulting in a creamy, chocolaty sip in an edible cup. So, if you’re counting, your must-try list of new treats and drinks is now up to four—eiskaffee, puddingbrezels, Bavarian cream ice cream, and waffleshots.

Thomas hopes that Eiskaffee will make its debut in May, just before the 11th Avenue Hostel reopens following its refresh. “It’s something we’ve been toying with for a while,” she says of the new shop. “It shows our partnership. Chad loves coffee, and I love ice cream, so it makes sense. And those eiskaffees are just so good!”

1112 N. Broadway

Allyson Reedy
Allyson Reedy
Allyson Reedy is a freelance writer and ice cream fanatic living in Broomfield.