When Bill Cosby performed at the Buell Theatre years ago, I was asked to introduce him. Total thrill. We chatted before the show, and somehow the subject of my father came up. I’ll never forget his comical grin when I told him my father’s name was Archie. But I was flabbergasted when he asked for my dad’s phone number and—no joke—called him up. “Archie, this is Bill Cosby calling. Just wanted to let you know Kirk is doing a great job in Denver.” The ultimate praise! Then, Mr. Cosby simply requested that his intro be quick. I, of course, proceeded to gush to the crowd. He walked onstage, shook my hand, and whispered, “I said, keep it brief.” My heart sank. Before his second show I simply said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the always funny, always thought-provoking, always relevant Bill Cosby!” This time he whispered, “You’re getting better at this.” I glowed for days.

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Cosby returns to the Buell on March 31.