It’s easy to find serenity in yoga class, but with summer in full swing, who wants to be indoors? This month, Boulder-based Yogi Walks begins its Yogi Hike class, a session that takes matless practitioners to popular hiking spots like Chautauqua Park or the top of Flagstaff Mountain to “Om” amongst the ponderosas.

The 1.5-hour class has 50 minutes devoted to your yogi poses and the rest to a “spirited” hike. Following your meditative state with cardio exercise infuses the usually low-impact practice of yoga with the benefits of building bone density, improving cardiovascular fitness and burning even more calories. And you’re in nature, which can lower stress and blood pressure, increase happiness, act as a natural antidepressant, and boost immunity.

Best of all, the classes are capped at eight people per hike, which means you’ll have more one-on-one time than you would indoors. The hikes take place every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, and range from a $20 single class rate to $120 for 10. Go to Yogi Walks to register.

Image via Shutterstock