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How to Decide Which Plant is Best for You (and Your Home)

Some plants crave sunlight and lots of water. Others prefer less sun exposure and a drier lifestyle. Our selection helps you figure out which is which.

Visit These Local Plant Shops To Find Your Next Leafy Friend

Denver boasts an almost overwhelming number of plant shops. These are some of our favorites.

Stop Making These Rookie Houseplant Mistakes—And Start Learning The Lingo

No, you don’t have a black thumb. You just fell victim to these common plant care mistakes.

The Unpredictable Behavior of the Ptarmigan Fire Near Silverthorne Is the New Normal

Summit County officials evacuated nearly 200 residences in Silverthorne earlier this week due to the Ptarmigan Fire’s rapid spread. Fire managers say they’re seeing more burns behave in a similar manner.

One Fish’s First-Fin Account of Being Dumped Out of an Airplane

Each year, Colorado Parks and Wildlife pilots drop loads of cutthroat trouts into alpine lakes. We look at the process from one survivor’s perspective.

Meow Wolf

A Video Preview of Meow Wolf Denver

5280 got a sneak peek of the immersive art installation, Convergence Station, ahead of its launch this month. It’s time to get weird.

The Beginner’s Guide to Climbing Colorado’s Thirteeners

Centennial State fourteeners get all the glory, but Colorado’s 13,000-foot mountains are just as beautiful—and far less crowded.

​​Argentine Peak

This 13,738-foot stunner isn’t too challenging, or too far away, or too crowded. Argentine Peak is just right.

Colorado’s First Sober Music Festival Arrives This Month

Sundown Colorado combines electronic dance music, mindfulness, and local art—minus the booze.

Colorado’s Child Welfare System Needs Queer Foster Parents

The state has a foster parent shortage. Members of the LGBTQ+ community may just be the answer—and then some.

Colorado marmot

Climate Change Is Making the Rocky Mountains Inhospitable to Some Small Mammals

A study published in Ecology shows that some of Colorado’s cutest critter populations are living at higher and higher elevations—and could soon be pushed out of the state.

Meow Wolf Is Finally Set to Open Its Denver Location Next Month

After pandemic-driven delays, the art collective announced a September 17 opening date and theme for its newest—and largest—permanent installation.

Chef Linda Hampsten Fox Shares Her Most Beloved Kitchen Item

The Bindery’s head chef reflects on her inherited cookbook collection.

This Community College’s Plan To Lure Students Back to School? Pay Them

Following a steep decline in enrollment, the Community College of Aurora is giving low-income students the push they need to return.

The 5280 Guide to Float Tanks

The pandemic dropped a psychological anvil on our heads. So, we submerged into some of the best float tanks around the Mile High City for a blissed-out rejuvenation.

Should You Exercise Outside Today?

A new study shows that high levels of air pollution can negate the cardiovascular benefits of a good workout. We asked a doctor about the other health risks—and how to protect yourself.

Reasons to Love Denver 2021: Much-Needed Distractions

These local movers, makers, and four-legged friends brought us delight when we needed it most.

Colorado Mountain Towns Have an Affordable Housing Problem. Wildfires Will Make It Worse

What happens to low-income residents of mountain communities if wildfire mitigation fails?

All the MLB-Sponsored All-Star Week Events Coming to Denver

What you need to know to enjoy MLB’s All-Star Week in the Mile High City.

Lucha Libre & Laughs Denver events

8 Denver Area Events That Have Nothing to Do With Baseball

How to spend All-Star Week if you’d prefer to be taken out to anywhere but the ball game.

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