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How to Bring All the Birds to Your Yard

The Audubon Rockies’ Habitat Hero program helps you turn your yard into an inviting oasis for birds.

4 Black Coloradans Who Shaped Centennial State History

Two Black historians highlight important-yet-overlooked Colorado figures whose stories they’re intent on preserving.

Why Grassland Fires Still Surprise Us

Studies show that grassland fires occur more frequently than forest fires. So why didn’t we see something like the Marshall Fire in Boulder County coming?

The Museum for Black Girls Brings Joy to a World of Black Women

The immersive pop-up exhibition is set to re-emerge in February at a surprise location.

The World’s Most Complicated Alarm Clock Might Also Be the Easiest to Use

Boulder designers obsessed over the OneClock so you could focus on one thing: sleeping.

Hundreds of Homes Destroyed as Grassland Fires Spread Across Boulder County

Dry, windy conditions helped fuel the Middle Fork Fire and the Marshall Fire, which is the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history in terms of number of homes burned.

Two women and a young boy walk and roll down a trail surrounded by pine trees, with rocks jutting out behind them

Exploryst Helps People of All Abilities Explore Colorado

The travel website includes information about accessibility that most others lack.

Meet the Superheroes Who Deserve More Time on the Big Screen

The hosts of podcast Worst Collection Ever dish on their favorite superheroes and storylines.

Oil well pumping oil against a mountain range

A Consequential Rulemaking for Colorado’s Oil and Gas Industry is Happening Right Now

Financial assurances may sound complicated—but if they’re not fixed, Coloradans may wind up paying to plug orphan oil and gas wells. We help you wrap your mind around them.

Zombie apocalypse survivor against hordes of undead

If You’ve Had Weird Thoughts About Zombies and Vaccines, You’re Not Alone

Earlier this year, stories about people, including Coloradans, blaming their vaccine hesitancy on I Am Legend emerged. We explored the connection.

Perdida Kitchen Brings Coastal Vibes to Colorado

Baja-inspired flavors and beachy style go together like surf and sand at this Wash Park eatery.

Nadia Watts Shares Her Favorite Collector’s Item

An assortment of ginger jars tells a story in the designer’s living room.

Eriko Tsogo and Her Family Bring Mongolia to Meow Wolf

The team of artists built ‘Mongovoo Temple,’ an encapsulation of Mongolian culture and religion, in Meow Wolf’s new permanent Denver exhibit.

Behind the Scenes of Working at a Haunted House

Scare actors face workplace hazards you’ve only seen in your nightmares.

Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Houseplants Alive In Colorado

Last year, homebound Denverites bought a houseplant (or eight) to inject some green into their quarantine— even though many of us can’t seem to keep anything with roots alive. Luckily, Colorado experts have a bouquet of wisdom to share.

Handy Tips For Growing Your Own Herbs

Annie Huston, owner of Birdsall & Co. The Garden Boutique on South Broadway and the Urban Nursery in RiNo, teaches us how to grow herbs indoors.

An Expert on Spooky Terrariums Teaches You How to Make Your Own

Amber Hage-Ali, owner of the Terrorium Shop, shares her process for building terrariums (or, as she calls them “terroriums”).

3 Ways To Pot Your Plants

A quick primer on planters, plus some local picks.

Want More Plants for Free? Learn How to Propagate

These six steps make propagating your plants surprisingly easy.

Your Questions about House Plants, Answered by Colorado Experts

We asked the pros for answers to our staff’s—and our reader’s—most pressing plant questions.

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