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Lookin’ Good


Here’s an event for the beautiful people who like to, well, look beautiful. It’s another dressy event, but not in the same way as, say, the DCPA gala with the Rockettes. This is for the young, hip, DJ-and-dancing crowd that hit the LoDo bars week after week and chase down the DenverMix employees to have their picture taken. (Even the invite links to photos from last year’s event — go look!)

But this will be a fun bash, if you want to get good and sloshy. They’ll have 11 “fully stocked” bars and several separate areas for dancing, drinking, mingling, drinking, and vogueing for the cameras.


Gals get a discount for the party (sorry guys, you must hate that reverse discrimination) with ticket prices ranging from $75 for a single female, to $210 for a VIP couple.

My advice if you go, get the photos taken early in the evening – before you sample the specials at all 11 bars. Otherwise, there’s alway Photoshop to get the red out.

And just out of curiousity, why do you suppose they used a photo of Meredith from The Bachelorette for the invitation, when there are so many lovelies from Denver posted on the website?

Spring Adventuring

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