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Drop the Mic: Rapping Mannings

The Denver Broncos quarterback and his younger brother Eli star in an epic commercial.

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Football on your phone? Yeah, that sentence will have all sorts of meaning after you watch this brilliant commercial for DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket that features football-playing brothers Peyton and Eli Manning. Rapping quarterbacks? Golden football? Peyton Manning with a mullet? Oh, yes.

In a bit that’s reminiscent of something that the New Zealand-based comedy duo Flight of the Conchords might have created, the Mannings tell viewers to watch football on the phone whether you’re “On a date with Simone / Taking out a small loan / Sitting on your throne / Or buttering a scone.”


Manning daddy, Archie, makes an appearance and Eli—the New York Giants starting quarterback—obliterates a photo of Alexander Graham Bell. Really.

—Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

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