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The #PabloStache: When your facial hair trends on Twitter, as Mastroeni’s did during the MLS draft in 2015, you know your follicles have made a statement. —Photo by Benjamin Rasmussen

Pablo’s Proceeding Hairlines

Pablo’s Mastroeni’s hair has, ahem, changed over time. Check out his transformation through the years. 

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Read about Pablo Mastroeni’s tumultuous transition to head coach of the Colorado Rapids in “Head Games” from the March issue of 5280.


2001 | Dread Head

Mastroeni goes long—very long.

2002 | The Sampson

Someone lopped off his locks, but Mastroeni doesn’t seem to mind.

2008 | The Soul Patch

Clean cut…but not.



2010, Part I | The Undecided

A hair band is necessary to hold back this mane.


2010, Part II | Mountain Man


What a difference a few months make.



2011 | The Baby Goatee

Just a shadow of what will become #PabloStache (pictured at top)



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