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We preview the year's political events—and how they will interfere with your TV time.

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The Green Party

Political spending on TV ads in Denver in 2012.

2012 | In February, Rick Santorum wins the Republican precinct caucuses in Colorado.


2016 | The state GOP has decided to abolish its presidential straw poll at the caucus, meaning it won’t officially back a candidate until the national convention in July.

2012 | Denver TV stations see their political ad trickle become a flood in late April after the GOP names Mitt Romney its presumptive nominee.

2016 | Historically, it’s been clear who the respective nominees will be on Super Tuesday, which falls on March 1 in 2016. That’s when Colorado Dems select a candidate during the state’s precinct caucuses. However, the pick isn’t binding until the national convention.

2012 | The Republicans hold their national convention in late August, and the Democrats throw their fiesta a week later.

2016 | Democrats head to Philly (July 25 to 28), while the GOP is in Cleveland (July 18 to 21). Too bad LeBron James is an Obama fan.


2012 | All three presidential debates are held in October.

2016 | The dates hadn’t been set by press time, but the debates generally happen in October.

Alternate Reality

The $75 million projected to be spent on political TV ads in Colorado this year could instead pay for…

One year of in-state tuition for the University of Colorado Boulder’s entire freshman class

10 months of rent for every person experiencing homelessness in Denver


10,000 wishes granted through Make-A-Wish Colorado

The Denver Nuggets’ 2015–16 payroll (it’s about $70 million)

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