Seasonal Six-Pack: Tommyknocker's Cocoa Porter


November 10 2009, 10:56 AM
CPWWThis week, I meant to write about Upslope Brewing Company's Dunkelweizen. I was loving the Boulder brewery's pale ale and IPA and wanted to try its fall seasonal. But after hitting various stores, and not finding my prized six-pack, I ended up at Argonaut, scouring the beer fridges for a good replacement. Though my taste buds were set on the quirky Dunkelweizen, my affections strayed when I saw that Tommyknocker Brewery has a "winter warmer" beer called Cocoa Porter, "brewed with cocoa powder and honey." "Dessert," I said out loud, and grabbed the six-pack. I recommend pouring this beer into a pint glass. It's a rich, dark brown, and the malt flavor has a light taste of toasted cocoa---reinforcing the dessert notion. But as rich as the flavor is on the front of your tongue, it doesn't invade your nose, and the crisp flash of sweetness doesn't linger.