Best Bites: Sara Casarrubias' Artisanal Bread

December 2009
The James Beard quote "...good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts" comes to mind when tasting one of Sara Casarrubias' artisanal loaves. The talented baker, who is a co-owner of Trattoria on Pearl, uses a family recipe to turn out ciabatta-like loaves with a rustic, chewy crust and a soft, slightly tangy interior. Find the bread at the restaurant or at Black Cat, where it fills the bread baskets. Or, stop by Oliv You & Me for fresh loaves of white or wheat. Better yet, eat a slice---one that's cut thick, toasted, and topped with slices of fresh Parmigiana Reggiano and a drizzle of Israeli olive oil---right there in the shop. Trattoria on Pearl: 1430 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-544-0008 Black Cat: 1964  13th St., Boulder, 303-444-9110 Oliv You & Me: 2043 Broadway, Boulder, 303-444-1118