Broncos Update: Manning Mania versus Tebow Mania


March 20 2012, 12:06 PM

It’s official: Peyton Manning is a Denver Bronco. He is expected to be introduced as the team’s newest quarterback at a 1 p.m. press conference today. That’s the formal news; however, a somewhat less ceremonial stream of information has been blowing up in the Twittersphere since the first reports of Manning’s final destination were released yesterday. The chatter has been mixed—after all, there are some diehard Tim Tebow fans out there. Here, a smattering of our favorite tweets—some in favor of the move, others not so much.

SportsCenter "I think the Broncos have to keep Tim Tebow..." -- Steelers Ike Taylor (@Ike_SwagginU) on SC set with @sagesteele

beaustuart  Son of a bitch! #Chiefs RT @AdamSchefter: Filed to ESPN: Denver and Petyon Manning reached agreement on a five-year, $96 million contract.

DowntownMimi [email protected] @Denver_Broncos It reallysucks. Max 3 years left for Manning (or 1 good hit) to TTs 15 yrs. Keep him as backup. Let him learn

MikeTyler7  #PeytonManning takes #TimTebow's job as QB of the #Broncos. Which proves, to win a championship, #Denver is willing to sacrifice a #virgin.

chrishorst [email protected] Sad. Denver is a city of transplants. @TimTebow brought the transplant masses to BroncosNation. My loyalty follows Timmy.

BritBlalock [email protected] I think this is the best thing that could have happened to the @Denver_Broncos!!! Let's go, #Peyton!

ILD_NSIP [email protected] @Denver_Broncos as someone else said If I were Tebow, I would stick around for some serious mentoring (and a Super Bowl ring)

MickiNogowski  Just became a Broncos fan #PeytonManning

_ladyKleigh  #TimTebow prayed 4 the Broncos 2 win the next Super Bowl, & God sent #PeytonManning.

Aye_Yo_Gruder  What qb comes off a neck surgery and didn't play one snap and makes more guaranteed cash then any qb in the league?.... #PeytonManning

revdhoneycutt  #Broncos fans should be happy, they just signed the best coach in the #NFL #Peytonmanning is much better than #JohnFox

alysonloves  so, the NFL is all about screwing over their quarterbacks. #PeytonManning #Tebow

BrandonBrobank  It's good to see #PeytonManning going somewhere where he is wanted and getting paid handsomely for it. #stackthatcheese

illwill302  Tim tebow isn't a virgin anymore, he just got screwed. Ha!!! #freetebow #peytonmanning

dellis85  Manning finally a Bronco it only took 12 years to mature from a colt. #peytonmanning

GParkerbaby  I think people are still failing to remember that #PeytonManning is still injured.

TDESPN  Congrats to the ultimate QB #surgeon for finding a new home. PM will do what he has always done, flat #deal. Every Bronco just got better

sredden [email protected] @Denver_Broncos I get that football's a business, but if @TimTebow leaves I'll cheer for him first, even against the #Broncos.

BostonFitzy  #peytonManning reportedly seeking permission to wear 18. Currently is retired # of #franktripucka. Bad move. Respect retired #'s.

—Photo courtesy of the Denver Broncos football club