Weekend Fun: Beer Games

October 4 2013, 2:00 PM


















The Competition: Flip Cup

How-To: Split up into two teams (it doesn't matter how many players are on each as long as the teams are even) and line up with one team on each long side of a table. Each person fills a cup about a quarter-full of beer. The starters on each team clink glasses and chug their beers. When the cup is empty, the player must put his/her cup on the table, hanging slightly off the edge, and attempt to flip it over so it lands on its top (usually by flicking it up with his/her finger). Once he/she flips it successfully, the next person starts drinking. Go down the row until the last person (the "anchor") has successfully flipped his/her cup. The first team to flip all its cups wins. Start again.

Step It Up: Play Blackout. This game combines Flip Cup and Beer Pong into one. Play Flip Cup as usual. Once the last player has successfully flipped his/her cup, he/she picks up a ping-pong ball and attempts to make a cup into the six-cup Beer Pong set-up on the other side of the table. If he/shesucceeds, the cup is removed, the anchor on the other team has to drink the beer, and the round ends. If he/she misses, he/she has to run around the table and become the start of the Flip Cup line. The round continues until one team makes a Beer Pong shot. Get the name now?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock