Cheap Eats

April 2005

Forget the basket and the side of fries- eating on the cheap can be downright divine. For about $10 or less, take your pick of gourmet dishes, neighborhood menus, quick pick-me-ups, ethnic cuisine, even happy hours, and we'll show you Denver's bargain bites.

We love our local hangouts—friendly staff, fantastic food, and a bill that's kind to the wallet.

2364 15th St., 303-455-4503
The Deal: Two doors down from My Brother's Bar, a new, cheery restaurant takes its name from the Mona Lisa painted on the outside façade. Owned by Linda and Garren Austin and Anne and Lawrence Argent, Mona's serves a wish-list of breakfast favorites (try the delicate and eggy orange brioche French toast) and classic lunchtime dishes. Gourmet or no, Mona's easy rhythm, sunny disposition-check out the meandering chalkboard to write notes or draw doodles-and reasonable prices have made it one of our favorites.