Best Bets

Best Bets

November 2007

Powder Train
For more than 60 winters, the Rio Grande Ski Train has faithfully pulled out of Union Station, packed with gear-laden skiers chuckling at the poor souls stuck in the I-70/U.S. 40 parking lot. This year's up-and-back journeys to Winter Park begin December 27; in the meantime, author and documentarian Richard Luckin's Rail Fan Lecture on the history of Denver's favorite locomotive is a quick fix for Denver's grown-up ski bums. Luckin gives us the scoop on the legendary two-hour ride in a talk that features a screening of his award-winning film Rio Grande Ski Train: A Denver Tradition for Generations. Rail Fan Lecture—Ski Train: Nov. 10, Forney Museum of Transportation

Color Movement
A solo exhibition at the Abend Gallery this month highlights Denver artist Michelle Torrez's engaging new collection of complex expressionist oil paintings. Torrez captures the subtle elegance of the human form with blurred lines and vibrant colors that melt into kaleidoscopes of movement, bringing dancers and other models to life on flat surfaces. Each piece is an intimate glimpse at simple gestures and the litheness of skin. Inspired viewers can watch firsthand as Torrez picks up a brush to explore intuitive painting at a November 17 demonstration at the gallery. Michelle Torrez—One Woman Show: Nov. 9-30, Abend Gallery

Reel Conscious
Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth won't be the only green-themed film on your conscience for long. Scores of documentarians recently traveled the world to expose environmental nightmares and explore the surrounding ecological, social, and economic implications. The Colorado Environmental Film Festival spotlights the results in three days of short and feature-length films; filmmakers and experts will be on hand for open discussion. Friday night's showcase highlights social and environmental justice activist John de Graaf and his newest film Buyer Be Fair: The Promise of Product Certification. Colorado Environmental Film Festival: Nov. 1-3, American Mountaineering Center, Golden

Music Man
In 1975, he made Jaws the most terrifying thing to ever hit the beach, and the Star Wars series owes at least part of its everlasting fame to his legendary score. He helped Harry Potter jump from the page to the big screen with "Hedwig's Theme," and even today Steven Spielberg basically won't direct a film without him. Hands down, John Williams is the definitive master of sound for Hollywood blockbusters—and he has five Academy Awards and more than a dozen Grammys to prove it. As part of the Health ONE Pops series, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Richard Kaufman, presents a night of you-can't- stop-humming-along favorites from the film industry's iconic composer. The Sound of the Cinema—Best of John Williams: Nov. 3, Boettcher Concert Hall