Best Bets

Best Bets

March 2008

Rhythm and Soul

On the heels of her latest album All the Way, jazz songstress Etta James will take the Paramount Theatre stage with Grammy-winning hip-hop act the Roots. Born in 1938, James rose to national prominence with her classic ballad "At Last." With a reinvigorated act and an arsenal of fresh takes on previously recorded songs by various artists, James is an appealing complement to the Roots, who have lent their jazz-based urban instrumentation to many touring rap artists (most notably, Jay-Z). A fusion of sultry blues notes and hip beats should provide a rich night for true soul enthusiasts.
Etta James with the Roots: March 29, Paramount Theatre

Operation Tableside

Executive chefs typically prefer the comforts of a kitchen where they can create masterful dishes amid the cacophony of chopping knives. But Operation Frontline Colorado, a nonprofit culinary education program to fight hunger and malnutrition, brings Denver's top toques to the front of the house (read: directly to your table) in an annual fund-raiser where they whip up sophisticated multicourse meals "ringside," representing the style and cuisine of their restaurants. Reserve an entire table and select the chef of your choice to host your party—think Rioja's Jennifer Jasinski, the Avenue Grill's Andrew Lubatty, and Panzano's Elise Wiggins.
Chefs Up Front: March 2, Colorado Convention Center

Picture This

March has been named by the Society for Photographic Education (SPE) as Denver's Month of Photography, which means hundreds of photographers are showing their work at galleries eager to put Denver on the artistic map for more than just iconic cowboy shots. For the entire month (and beyond), photographers will debut exhibitions to play off SPE's annual national conference, held in Denver this year (March 13-16), with a theme of photographers as agents of change and advocacy. Get a taste at DU's Myhren Gallery with "On the Road," a collection exploring the Soviet empire, or visit the Colorado History Museum's exhibit highlighting the "Picket Wire," a sparsely populated region along Colorado's Purgatoire River basin.
Denver Month of Photography: March 1-31, various Denver galleries

The Coolest Guy We Know

The weekend-long celebration to toast a cryogenically preserved Norwegian dude in Nederland has become a tradition with significant public hoopla in this normally low-profile mountain town. Bredo Morstoel, or "Grandpa" to the locals, is stored in a shed behind his grandson's former house in Ned, and the town parties it up every year in his honor with a cryonics parade, coffin races, eating contests, and a Grandpa look-alike contest; he even made it onto the Tonight Show a couple years ago as a contender for "Colorado's Most Interesting Person." Make the Two Below tent your hub—live music, beer tasting, and food vendors—and check out quirky events like the brain freeze competition, frozen T-shirt contest, and charity polar plunge.
Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival: March 7­-9, Nederland