Your Money, Now

A peek at Denverites paychecks and how they spend their hard-earned dough.

January 2009

The financial mess that was 2008—foreclosure signs proliferating, the stock market tanking, banks failing—has all of us more than a little nervous. We check our wallets, we mourn our shrinking 401(k)s, we cut back on our daily Starbucks fix, and each of us wonders: How am I doing? Is everyone else in the same boat? Here, you can see who's raking it in, who's not (and who should be). But the paycheck is only part of the equation—it's what you do with it that counts. Meet nine Denverites who reveal their spending habits, and the local financial experts with the surviving-this-crisis advice that will keep you on track.

Denver Salaries 2009
Who makes what in our city? A list of more than 200 local salaries.

How We Did It
An explanation of our research methodology.

We ask Denverites how they spend their hard-earned dough.

Burning Questions
Build an addition or move? Save for retirement or a child's education? Financial advisors consider real-life debates.

Three Essential Tips From Our Financial Experts
Money experts weigh in with their best advice for tough times.