Hero Work

Five stories that will make you believe that, on their best days, doctors really do have superpowers.

August 2013

Search our Top Doctors 2013 list here, and read the sidebars from the magazine, including how to save a limb, recognize a heartattack, and  donating blood here.


Most physicians will tell you unequivocally that being a doctor isn’t anything like what television or the movies make it out to be. Diagnosing a rare infectious disease is not an everyday occurrence, performing a lifesaving procedure on a stricken colleague is extremely uncommon, and shouting “stat!” will usually elicit a chorus of amused chuckles. Their work, they’ll say, is not valiant or daring or even exciting on most days. In the hospital and at the clinic, they’re just doing what they’re trained to do—and that does not a hero make. After asking some of Denver’s Top Doctors to tell us about their most successful days as physicians, however, we’re inclined to disagree. The men and women of this city’s medical community might not break out the cape often, but when crises do happen, they are ready to save the day.